Set in the heart of the fastest growing urban metropolis of Newtown Kolkata, The KarmYog Green Village had started as an experiment to utilise the space for green development and environmental benefits.

In a span of 3 months the 81/2 acre dump yard was converted into a beautiful nursery – a natural bio sustainable cement free zone under the leader ship of life skills educationist and founder of KarmYog21C Mahacharya Shri sourabh J. sarkar.

What emerged through this experiment is a unique OmniDELTM earn while you learn model providing livelihood and life skills education in a sustainable manner.

To build the KarmYog Green Village local unemployed youth were mobilised and enrolled into the KarmYog Institute of Life Skills & Entrepreneurship, a unique apprenticeship earn while you learn model, where learners work on real time projects and earn scholarship based on a meticulous grading and point system. The learners got expertise which is unique to building a truly green environment. like organic farming, mud and silicon structures, thatched roofs, and selection of sustainable bamboos. Under the leadership of Mahacharyaji the learners get also trained on essential life skills along with work skills.

All the vegetation horticulture and establishments you see at the Green Learning Campus has been done by the learners enrolled into the academy of Horticulture & Landscaping of the KarmYog Institute of life skills and entrepreneurship.

Now these skilled learners enlightened with essential life skills are bringing to you decorative potted plants and organic fruits and vegetables home delivered straight from the gardens of green village, along with other services like green landscaping, lawn maintenance etc.



Be it gardening, green decor, landscaping, aesthetic natural furniture, fresh fruits and vegetables or even green education, the Naturelink Green Mall is your one stop shop for all green products and services. Our basket of green offerings includes:

Buy a Potted Plant:

Improve the health and happiness of your home or any desired place by choosing a green friend from our range of aesthetically crafted and spiritually nurtured potted plants. Choose from a range of indoor and outdoor plants for your kitchen, bedroom, garden or work desk.


Rent a Potted Plant:

Our Rent-a-plant packages for corporate, households and events are designed to help you add a decorative yet green flair to your home, office space, events and exhibitions, without having to worry a notch about maintenance. Just choose a package and we will take care of everything from cleaning, pruning, watering to replacement. Our knowledge of plants and what they require will ensure your displays are always at their stunning best.



We understand how much time and energy it takes to maintain your garden. Tasks like pruning, maturing, watering, weeding and general upkeep of the plants can be challenging without the proper know how. But no worry...your gardener friend is just a click away! Just browse through the profile of our trained KarmYogi gardeners and select an expert to take care of your gardening needs.


Landscaping & Decor:

Be it an office space, building, apartment, lawn or even a dump yard our customised landscaping and interior designs will transform your space into a green sanctuary of your choice. The design process starts with a visit from our trained design consultant to understand the clients need and vision. The visit is then followed by a survey including measurement and light readings for planting schemes. The design for your space is creatively thought through and graphically represented by a team of young and talented graphic designers. Big, bold, subtle or funky once you are satisfied with the design our implementation team along with the designers will create a beautiful interior and a stunning landscape for you.


Other Horticulture products:

We also cater to your adhoc horticulture needs. Just browse through our other horticulture products for seeds, watering equipments, plant containers, soil and fertilizers.


Fresh fruits & vegetables:

For your everyday kitchen needs we serve you with seasonal fruits and vegetables straight from the garden of KarmYog Green Village. From mushrooms to cauliflower, bananas to oranges , from Saags to herbs, our fresh produce corner is bound to awaken the satwik gunas in you.


Natural Furniture:

at KarmYog we curate artists and craftsman, this helps us to bring to you a range of artistic natural river wood furniture from sustainable sources. Like all forms of art each piece of furniture is a one of a kind creation and is as unique as the individual purchasing it. You will rarely find two pieces exactly the same. Select from a range of wood work which will enrich your home and provide years of enjoyment.


Courses & Workshop:

The KarmYog Green Village also offers workshops for children, senior citizens, housewives, corporate and couples on roof gardening, indoor and outdoor plants, creative Do-it-Yourself pottery, designing with a personal touch, herbal home remedies, organic gardening etc.





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