Our Artists

Dina Baker – Dina grew up in northern Illinois creating artwork and studying nature from the time she could walk and hold a crayon. She is an artist who works across many media including photography, painting, drawing, and watercolor; with her favorite being ceramics. As a ceramic artist Dina specializes in small scale sculpture and pottery. Most of her work reflects her deep fascination with the natural world and the tiny plants and creature that live within it. Her work invites you to take a closer look and even touch or hold the piece. She seeks to instill the same sense of wonder and curiosity that one would feel exploring nature up close. Porcelain is her favorite clay body, but recently she has enjoyed experiencing the new textures and colors that other clay bodies can offer and allowing the clay to direct her outcomes. She lives in Conifer with her husband, birds, three dogs, and snake. When she’s not throwing on the pottery wheel, she’s painting, running, hiking, playing piano, birding or botanizing out in nature. You can view and purchase her paintings, pottery and photography at The Nature Link’s Gallery.

John Driscoll – True North Map Art

I’m a wildlife artist who has a thing for old weathered fence posts and rusty equipment from a forgotten era. I gravitate toward the natural world and the great outdoors and I’ve been hiking and backpacking around Colorado and the West for over 25 years now. I love getting out into the rugged mountain wilderness – the further off the beaten path, the better.

I also have an affinity for topographic maps – which come in handy when you find yourself wandering off that beaten path. I find the textures and patterns created by the contour lines an interesting background element for my wildlife paintings and I like the fact that they represent a very specific place in the landscape.

I’m fortunate to be able to combine so many passions into my art business and create paintings and prints that are unique and meaningful to my customers.

Barbara Heindl – Barbara is a biologist, farmer and fiber artist based out of the driftless region of SW Wisconsin. Her art melds together several aspects of her life utilizing the wool from her flock of Jacob Sheep to make felted 3D functional vessels and jewelry inspired by her experiences as a wildlife biologist in Wisconsin, Hawaii, Alaska, Jamaica, and the Southwest.

Barbara raises a flock of American Jacob Sheep, a heritage breed which is considered threatened by the Livestock conservancy. Jacob sheep are known for their multi colored spots, horns and attitude. Her flock has both Brown and Lilac/Grey individuals providing all sorts of natural color combinations.   

Barbara strives to make pieces that are unique, sustainable and farm to table as much as possible. Except for a small amount of thrifted colored wool, she hand processes all the wool used in her pieces from the moment it comes off the sheep till it is felted into cozies, jewelry or other items. Wool is a wonder material that can be sustainably collected and processed and provides remarkable natural insulation for everyday use.

Alicia Lamfers – Alicia is a maker, mother, and educator.  As a Colorado native, she is deeply connected to the mountains and nature that surrounds us.  She studied biology and conservation leadership before going into education.  She has taught in both formal and informal environments and is now a professor for Miami University.  She is interested in developing more and better ways to use science to connect kids to nature and engaging everyone in environmental education. Outside of work, Alicia lives with her husband and two kids and breaks up the chaos with camping trips, hiking, reading and small chunks of quiet time.

All of the items she makes comes from my love of being outdoors and enjoying nature.  Her business, Reinvented Nature repurposed and reinvented natural materials.  With a focus on beetle killed pine and repurposed material, each piece is completely unique. Beautiful stones, flowers, and wood that are ready for a new life all get made into something special.

Michael Mladjan – I am a Colorado artist with years of experience creating art pieces from metal, primarily copper, brass, and aluminum. I have also experimented with different media such as wood, clay, bronze, plaster, and cardboard but now my preference is steel. I have always enjoyed abstract sculpture and periodically I design and build one.

Currently, I prefer to sculpt steel plants and flowers both realistic and representational. The botanical pieces vary in form, texture, color, and may incorporate found objects. My working life has been devoted to horticulture. My sculptures are a representation of my love for nature and are close to my heart. As I continue to grow and develop this energy, I look forward to sharing my work with others.

I believe my art is an expression of my holistic and spiritual views of the environment and our place within it. My creativity has no limits!

Adrienne Stohr Lewis – Certified Creatively Fit Coach and a Community Herbalist. I came to my painting practice as a young mother and learned that by immersing myself in painting as meditation, painting as energy work and painting as a personal journey I found healing and FREEDOM. What I want to share with each person in my life is the ability to see your personal power, your wisdom, how unique and perfect you are. The gifts you want to share, the life you want to live is waiting for you; it is already within you. At the heart of my practice is using painting and wild plants to heal our bodies and minds, to create connection between ourselves, the earth and the divine within. I teach a simple 4 step painting practice that ensures that anyone can paint. You can learn more about Adrienne at www.otterwoman.com and on Instagram @otter.woman

Adrienne is one of our amazing instructors! She leads a combination of art, herbalism, nature and spiritual classes for us at The Nature Link.

Jennifer Taylor – Jennifer grew up in Stanford, KY and in the 6th grade she discovered that she had artistic ability. With the help of a cherished mentor in high school, she became skilled at painting landscapes in oil. Art became an afterthought, just something she did as a kid, as college and work took precedence.
Fast forward 21 years, Jennifer has rediscovered her love of painting during the pandemic. She started painting kindness rocks to leave along hiking trails and local storefronts to help bring a smile to others during the difficult year. She quickly realized that the art she left behind so long ago never left her. From kindness rocks to pet portraits, wildlife paintings and her beloved landscapes, Jennifer’s art has quickly evolved over the past year and her talent shines in each piece.
Jennifer has spent the last 14 years in Colorado and now lives in Conifer with her husband and three dogs. She works full-time in IT and squeezes in as much painting as she can during her free time. This is her first time showcasing her art and greatly appreciates this extraordinary opportunity to share with her community.

Denise Van Peursem – Denise grew up in the Midwest and has always been fascinated by nature. This fascination motivated her to earn a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology where she also developed a passion for nature photography. When an opportunity arose in 2016 she moved to Tanzania with her husband and oldest daughter for 2 years. While volunteering their time to help the people of Tanzania she fell in love with Africa’s large diversity of birds and became an avid birder. Denise and her husband Jim have been living in Evergreen, CO since May of 2019. When Denise isn’t working or taking photographs you can find her playing pickleball, hiking, skiing or playing board games.